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Frequently Asked Questions

How is Give-A-Buck Foundation different than other Homeless Veteran programs?

We believe in a comprehensive solution to veteran homelessness.  One that serves all of their issues (housing, food, essential services...etc.   A veteran campus can achieve all of this.  

How much of my donation will go towards helping homeless veterans?

All of it!  100%!  

We have no paid staff.  We utilize volunteers where possible and cover other costs with proceeds from Lorenzo's flag sales (

Do you need to raise $10B to get started?

No!  We will sponsor a homeless veteran once we raise $50K. 

Additional milestones will be identified afterwards. 

In addition to a donation, how else can I help?

Volunteer - We are looking for volunteers in various areas.  Please contact us at

Spread the word.  We need our message to go viral.  Share it on your social media platforms.

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