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Who We Are

The Liberti Family

In January 2019, the Liberti family went to feed the homeless with their church and met a veteran in need. The event opened their eyes and hearts!  For months Lorenzo (the middle child), struggled to figure out how he could help those in need within their community.


He discovered a cool DIY project that he wanted to try. His dad helped him get the right tools and materials.  After a few attempts and several modifications, Lorenzo completed his first rustic American flag.  It looked so good, that his little brother along with neighbors, insisted he make them one too! With such a positive response, Lorenzo began to wonder if he could use his talent to support less fortunate people like those he met at the soup kitchen earlier in the year.  He reached out to Turning Points (a non-profit organization supporting veterans in Bradenton), and instantly hit it off with them. They invited him to their Christmas Gala where he donated a flag for their silent auction and kicked off the evening by performing the National Anthem on violin. By the end of the evening, they sold two flags and helped Turning Points raise over $2,300 for their mission!  His summer DIY project became a much bigger endeavor than he could have ever imagined. 


Afterwards, Lorenzo started Heroic Flags to honor those who serve while supporting those in need. In 2020, during the Covid pandemic, he raised over $30,000 for homeless veterans,  and sent a flag to a hospital in every state to honor our frontline healthcare workers. 


The overwhelming support Lorenzo and his family received have inspired them to do more for homeless veterans.  They have started the Give-a-Buck foundation in hopes of eliminating veteran homelessness forever.

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