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Give-A-Buck Foundation

Simple solutions for complex problems

The Give-A-Buck Foundation is devoted to eliminating veteran homelessness in America.  Together, we can put a program in place that guarantees our heroes will always have a place to call home.

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About Our Foundation

Advocating Change - Through Crowdfunding

The Problem:

The United States has over 37,000 homeless veterans as of 2020 and the results are expected to get worse due to Covid.  Our government has tried to address the issue for decades, but  fragmented solutions and lots of red tape have produced mixed results. 

The Solution

A Veteran Campus is the solution!  A massive, college-like campus will allow them to heal and grow in a community surrounded by their brothers and sisters in arms.  

We don't like seeing our veterans homeless.  We believe they should be embraced by our community after their service, not cast aside.  With your help, we can get our forgotten heroes back on their feet and provide them with permanent housing, food and essential services. 

To fund the campus, all we need is for you to give a buck! 

That's one dollar per week, for one year!

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We the People...have the power to change things.

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Money = Power

If every adult in America gave $1 per week (for 1 year), we would have more than $10B!

With so much money, we could easily solve our veteran homeless problem.  Think about that! In many places, you can't buy a bottle of water with $1, but you can solve a national crisis...that's power in numbers!  


We all have a role to play

Veteran homelessness is a complex problem.  From addictions to mental health issues, every vet's story is unique.  Society can play a huge role in preventing homelessness among veterans and it starts with awareness.  Help us spread the word.

A Veteran Campus

The Simple Solution

Permanent Housing
3 Square Meals
Essential Services
Job Training
Love & Support

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“Every man is guilty of all the good he did not do”

~ Voltaire

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